Thursday, September 28, 2006

Brazilian Food

Food in Brazil is not really like Mexican food, with the exception that we eat a lot of rice and beans. You can't find refried beans or tortillas here. We eat normal Brazilian food for lunch most weekdays. Normal food is usually rice, beans, and some kind of meat dish (like baked chicken or meatballs, etc) They don't really use a lot of spices here with foods, mostly just cumin.
Here are some pics of some of the other food that Jeff and I like to eat in Brazil!
This is a coxinha
It is fried and breaded with chicken and cheese or shrimp, etc. inside. Jeff really likes these.This is my favorite that Cafe Impresso (the ministry's coffee shop) sells. It is an empada. It's smaller than the coxinha and less filling. It is like a little crusty, flaky pie thing. It can have cheese, or shrimp, chicken etc. inside, but it also has a little olive inside. Yummy yummy! They also have desert ones that rock my socks.This is Tapioca - not like the bubbly pudding though. It is made from the manioc root and is fried. You make it kinda like an omelet in a pan. The outside is a bit bland, but inside people put fillings like coconut, cheese, and different jellies - yummy!we also eat a lot of yummy fruits that you can't get in Indiana, like graviola & acerola. The graviola looks creepy, but makes amazing juice & ice cream.Fejuada is the most typical dish of all Brazil. I like it ok, but it make's Jeff's stomach upset. -probably because it has crazy random meat in it

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lauro said...

Once two swiss friends of my aunt were eating "buchada" and during the meal we told then that the meat was from bats, mouses...

PS: In fact it's goat viscera...