Monday, February 18, 2008

Culture prevails

We are starting to settle in a bit now. Lindsay and I took some time to unpack and make our room a little more livable. We still need to purchase some things like another cabinet thing for our clothes and books, but Lindsay is very creative and has used our luggage crates as books shelves and a desk.The crates are in the same corner together because we were making room for the guy who will install our air conditioner. Ahh yes the air conditioner which was suppose to be installed today but isn't getting installed until Wednesday now. Actually, I am pretty impressed that this whole thing isn't taking much time at all. It did remind me about the Brazilian culture of putting things off and always showing up late. I guess I am putting that a little negatively, but in all actuality it is nice to live in a culture that is more laid back and not rushed. It does have its frustrations that I am sure I will be encountering and sharing on future posts, but for now I have adjusted rather well with this cultural habit.
Here is our huge hole in our room that is ready for an air conditioner. The funny thing about this is that the type of air conditioner that we are getting installed won't actually use this hole. We bought an expensive air conditioner that is super energy efficient and silent. I am all about saving money for the ministry even if that means we spend a nice sum up front. One of the Alcance's biggest expenses is the electricity bill, mainly due to old air conditioners in the classrooms. Currently there are two other energy efficient air conditioners in the two learning center classrooms. I think there are at least 4 maybe 5 other classrooms with normal electricty hog air conditioners. The ultimate plan is to replace them all.
More Pictures of our humble abode
I am pretty happy about our living situation and am very thankful for a wife that does amazing things with very little.

So, in the middle of writing this post our network went down and I spent about an hour fixing it. I feel like I haven't gotten much done today because of all the little things that keep happening. Maybe I shouldn't always be in the grafica (graphic design shop) because so much happens here. This way I also get to practice my Portuguese.
Well, I should conclude now and maybe in a few days I can get Lindsay to tell you about teaching at the school and how the school is going.
Post By Jeff Turner

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

In Brasil now

Lindsay and I have arrived safely to Brasil with our entire luggage. Thank you for all the prayers. Going through customs was easy because all they did was take our "nothing to declare" paperwork and waved us on.
It has been a bit overwhelming being here and seeing the ministry again, because it has grown so much this past year. It is a huge difference going from 15 students at the International school to 57. That also means that the Alcance (where we live) seems so much busier. The ministry has a whole has grown because of the money that the school is bringing in, but it is still difficult to pay for the upkeep of the Alcance. They still make sure they are supporting other parts of the ministry though.
Well, I really feel good about being here and I have had assurance from God that this is truly where He wants us to be. Please pray for Lindsay right now, she is sick with some stomach problems. I think she got it before she came, but the transition hasn't helped. She has begun to feel better this afternoon. I have been doing fairly well, but I know I internalize things. I had some problems with stomachaches and acid reflux on the airplane. They only real time I almost lost it and cried my eyes out was when I gave Nathan (my brother in-law) a hug goodbye. Nathan and his wife, Joanna, have been amazing and have let us live with them at their house these last 6 months or so. We only had one vehicle and so did they, so we were really able to help each other out a lot with rides. I am so thankful for them.