Tuesday, August 23, 2011

14 week Baby and Ministry Life

Lindsay has had this "brilliant" idea recently inspired by a friend of hers and a missionary friend. Basically, our friend has always ran a Colts blog as a hobby, even when he was living overseas. Now, for those of you that know me you already know there is no way I could start a sports blog. She just thought it might be good idea for me to do a movie blog because I always get so, err, what is a good word here, "passionate" about movies. I either LOVE the movie or it was the WORST movie in the whole world. At least that is what Lindsay says I sound like sometimes. So, all that just to say, I am not sure I want to do that. I can barely do a post a month with our blog. I guess time will tell if I do end up doing something like that.

Melody is growing fast and keeps surprising us with cool new things she can do, or new sounds. We have been trying to capture a lot of the new things. So, if you are into watching super cute babies and such you can follow me on youtube.  There will be other ministry videos showing up also of course, but right now it is pretty much getting full of just Melody videos.

Lindsay is taking the semester off from the International School, but she is taking four classes online from Liberty University. That means she will need extra prayer for the time to be able to do all her homework. Melody has not been taking as many naps now which makes it harder for her to do the work. I (Jeff) am back to teaching computers for 1st grade through 9th grade. The cool new thing I am doing this semester is teaching Minecraft  with my four Design classes. It has been a fun experience. I had been playing a lot of a sandbox style game called Terraria and had heard about some teachers doing classes using Minecraft.

Basically Minecraft is a 3d version of Terraria with less monsters. For those of you who are completely lost, they are both sandbox style games, meaning you can gather materials from all over and build almost whatever you want. It is all about exploring, building and crafting. The short video shows a tiny bit of what you can do. I found some amazing resources for teaching minecraft so I have been using that. So far we have just introduced the world and how to move around.

I guess I will leave the big news for last. For those of you who did not even know our plans this will mean nothing but here it goes...
We will not be coming to the US this December.
Ricardo and his family (our pastor and missionary with WRI, who was hoping to come to the US for fundraising) were denied visas and ticket prices are super high right now.  Lindsay and I have decided that it would be a better use of money to stay in Brazil for now and try to go with Ricardo and family next year. My parents even bought a minivan thinking that we could use it to travel around with Ricardo. They are in California right now and needed to buy a vehicle anyway, but it was just an extra bit to add to the disappointment. I guess it will be there for next year, Lord willing.