Monday, November 22, 2010

WARNING: This post is all about baby stuff.

Well, if you don’t know already from Facebook or from talking to our folks – surprise! I’m pregnant!  I am around 16 weeks, so we are expecting little baby T to show up around May 9, 2011.

Want see a picture? This is the baby at about 13 weeks. We got to hear the heart. Very exciting. 

So everything has been healthy with the baby, but I have missed a lot of school recently due to sickness, a few minor health issues, and doctor’s appointments.  Emily and I have agreed to “fire me” for next semester.  We originally came up with a plan for me to teach the first bimester and then leave the responsibilities to other teachers, but since my absences have been too unpredictable we have decided that we are going to enact operation “Lindsay-Baby” earlier, starting in February.   I will be working for the first 2 weeks of school full-time training other teachers, but then only three days a week in more of an administration role with the preschool.  I’m excited about this change and look forward working with the preschool English department from a different position.
During the time I have had to be at home I’ve been able to focus on homework for my online classes and catch up on some important work, like watching the TV series Bones.  And of course there’s thinking about baby names!   Anyone who knows me well knows I love coming up with names, but this baby naming business is tough. I need a name that works in two cultures that my mother can pronounce and, for me, it needs to have some significant meaning (or be named for someone). So far (and it really changes about every week) we like Anabelle, Matilda, Lydia, Levi, Liam, Obie – but none of them have felt like “the perfect” name.   Any suggestions for little baby T?