Friday, October 13, 2006

Jeff and I can hardly believe that only a couple of weeks remain until we leave for the States. Where did the time go? This past month has been a busy one. We've been working on wrapping up a dozen projects, as well as trying to keep up with our normal routines. Life is rich and full.

Things are busy at the International School. I've been working on teaching the Kindergartener's how to read in English with the help of a really great Phonics Book called Systematic Sequential Phonics. They are picking it up fast, often having to learn the meaning of a word as they are learning to read it. We also had a huge event on Wednesday for Children's Day. If you want to know to know more about that, I'm afraid you're going to have to pick up a copy of the latest Brazil Broadcast... it will be out in about 3 weeks. :)

ok here's a couple of pictures from big bash at least - to tide you over for the Broadcast

Jeff's main focus has been on projects we need to finish for Mission Conferences in November. Like we've said before, it is less expensive to print things here. So, we have stacks of brochures and the Brazil Broadcast Fall 2006 to finish laying out, collating, and printing!

Please pray for us as we try to finish these tasks and as we continue to work out long-term visas. Right now Tele is working on registering the International School with the Brazilian government. After he does that we can get a volunteer Visa through the school.

Anyway it's all taking more time that we'd like it to and we could use the prayers for patience and for the process.

post by Lindsay

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Carolyn Reynolds said...

Hi Lindsay, It's Carolyn Reynolds. I ran into Anne a few weeks ago at church and she gave me your blog address and told me you'd be coming to Indiana soon. I'm a novice with blogs. I think yours is great and very interesting to read. Everybody feels like they run out of time and have much work still undone. You are normal! Commit the undone stuff to God and ask Him to provide. He will.

My two youngest girls are just home from school and are running around, squeeling, upstairs. They are memorizing the ballet moves from the latest Barbie movie. I should make a home video.

Our 17 year old qualified for the semi-state cross country meet in Ft. Wayne this coming Sat. I didn't think Julie was that fast. Pretty neat.

I am a teacher for the new MOPS ministry at BRCC. I teach the 4 - 6's and love it. I miss having a bunch of curriculum at my fingertips though and all the craft books and visual aides I had at my old church. I'm asking God to provide.

I sure hope we get a chance to talk when you fly up here. Did Anne tell you its cold? But the leaves are turning and its beautiful.

Christ is Victor!

Carolyn Reynolds