Saturday, May 19, 2007

Good News

Tele went to the Ministry of Labor and they like my credentials!! So now Tele has to write a employee contract and get it approved by the Ministry of Labor. More news soon.

Sunday, May 06, 2007

So much time

Sorry we haven't posted in forever. It has been a weird but wonderful time here in the US. Yep thats right we have been in the US since November 06 because we have had trouble getting our work visa to go back to Brazil. The Brazil government pretty much said that we didn't have enough schooling to be qualified to teach at the International school. So, I (Jeff) have been studying for the Comptia A+ computer certification exams because the Brazil Government has said if I have a computer certification they will give us the work permit. In the course of starting to study for these exams a good friend of mine offered me a job in the computer field that would also pay for my exams (they are about$158 each). So the last couple of months I have worked for Roche Diagnostics in there IT department and have been studying like crazy for the Comptia A+ exams.
Well, the LORD is faithful and I have passed the exams!! Which means I am official a Comptia A+ professional, translation= I know a lot about computers and could work as a general computer repair guy. So, as I write this I have been getting my resume updated and I will be getting my college transcripts and sending them all to Brazil in hopes of getting a work permit so we can apply for the work visa!!
Keep us in your Prayers