Tuesday, April 23, 2013

What's up?

         Parent-teacher conferences are next week at the school, so it feels like we are already at some kind of juncture in 2013. It also, somehow, feels like 2013 has just begun. This year Jeff is continuing to teach all grades computer and design classes and I'm teaching the Nursery (2 year olds) group again. I've been freed up to help out with some of the older kids classes at the school too. I've been helping Jeff's uncle, Joe Turner, who is here with is wife for the semester some and also in the 3rd grade English class. In the afternoons I get to stay home with my precious nearly-two-year-old.

        Outside of school I've been tutoring a few people in English and, of course, helping out with the children's and women's ministry at our church in Lagoa de Itaenga. Jeff continues to preach once a month at church, fix computers and help all ministry technology needs, work on special projects with his dad, and help lead Lagoa's youth ministry program.

        Our church in Lagoa de Itaenga could really use a lot of prayers right now! There is so much going on. During the day on Tuesdays and Thursdays (while we're at school teaching) the church has started Music and English classes for public school kids (who attend school half days), with the help of Bob Fern who is here for 6 months. We have just started a major construction project to finish some classrooms at the church and also put a roof over our gymnasium so that it can be used even when it's rainy.  After we finish the roof we will kick- off our sports ministry outreach on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays

        The town has been particularly difficult recently due to drug and gang violence.  Now more than ever the town needs outreaches to the youth.  Our church will be heading up a peace walk with other churches to pray for the community.