Friday, May 23, 2008

Yesterday was a holiday. We went to Recife and were able to watch the new Indiana Jones movie. We also ate at Burger King. It was a very American day for us.

We still don't know anything with our Visa and Tele is sick right now. We need to have Tele call the lawyer and see about going to Brasilia to get this taken care of. At this point I don't see anything else we can do to speed up the process. I am finally at peace about the whole thing. If we end up going back to the US I will be fine with that and I know God has something for us there. I think if we go back to the US we will stay for a while and Lindsay will go back to school. If that is God's will that is. We have thought about a lot of things. We just want to do what God wants us to do.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Iron Man and Visas

Last Thursday Lindsay and I renewed our tourist visa for 3 months. It went very smoothly and afterward Tele wanted to go to a Money conference so he dropped us off at the mall for a few hours. We had a wonderful time together. We ended up finding a Donut place inside the mall which you can't find to often. So we sat down together and enjoyed a banana and cinnamon donut. Lindsay said it was the best donut she had ever had. I think I would agree with her, it was pretty amazing. We also went to see a movie, since there was a cinema in the mall. We got to see Iron Man which I had been wanting to see. It was an amazing super hero movie and I think they did a perfect job on keeping true to the origins of Iron Man. Overall it was a very good trip to Recife. I even ran into somebody I knew there, which is really weird when you actually know so many people in a foreign country that you can bump into people almost everywhere that you know.

The Work Visa situation is still really up in the air. We are in Brazil for another 3 months for sure but are uncertain what will happen after that time. We got a call from our lawyer telling us that we would have to leave the country in order to get the work visa and we told him to send it to Argentina if it comes. That way we only have to spend about $300 on plane tickets to leave the country get our visa and come back. But that is only practical if it comes in the next 3 months. So, we still need a ton of prayer about this.

Also, because of this stress and being in ministry we are getting attacked emotionally at lot by Satan. Please pray for Lindsay and I's emotional states and stress. Even though we had a fantastic Thursday the weekend was the most depressing and emotional weekends for us. Maybe it was because it was Mother's Day weekend, who knows. We just could really use your prayers about stress.

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

15 Years of Ministry

World Renewal Brazil is celebrating 15 years of ministry and it is very weird to think that I have been coming down here for 14 years of that. I first came when I was just 10 years old on a short-term missions trip with my family. I guess that is what happens when a family does stuff for God together.... God uses you for His glory. So beware parents if you send your child on a short-term missions trip they just might get involved with missions and furthering God's kingdom.

To celebrate the 15 years the Churches held a Forum where several Pastors talked about different areas of ministry and everyone shared about their experiences. The last one was Pastor Ricardo Silva and he was talking about the Unity of the Community Churches. The example he used was getting all the strong, big guys to circle up.

Then he had Duda (the all around handyman at the Alcance) pretend to be a "problem" or "difficulty". His job was to get inside the circle.

It was awesome to watch and even though Duda gave is his best, he didn't manage to get in the circle.

The whole forum was amazing to be apart of and was so uplifting to have so many of the Church Pastors around to share about their Churches and experiences. Gary Wright came from Indiana for the celebration and he started it off with a sermon on Jesus movements.