Monday, September 04, 2006

Bad and Good News

The big day is here. We have to go to Recife tomarrow and get our Visas renewed. If they decide not to renew them we will be kicked out of the country. Please pray for this. We aren't too worried about it. We haven't heard of anybody that hasn't gotten this type of visa renewed.

While we are in Recife we are going to see if my laptop can be fixed. That's right my trusty laptop stopped working on me completely. It won't even start. This has completely messed up my normal Job down here because I do about everything on that Laptop. Thankfully There is a Dell laptop that was donated this summer that I can use for the time being. The Problem is I can't do to much of my graphic design stuff on it, so If I can't get my laptop fixed I will need to raise the money to buy a new laptop. Please be praying about this situation and if you feel lead to give money toward a new laptop you can send a check to:
World renewal
P.O. Box 399
Greenfield, IN 46140
Earmark (Jeff Turner laptop)
We don't have very high hopes of fixing my current broken laptop but I will let you know what happens tomorrow.

Other than those scary events that are going on, we have had a big group from Word of Life come live at the Alcance, where we live, for a while. This group is a drama/singing group that goes around all over Brazil to present the gospel. So, they are staying with our group for about a month while they go out on the weekends to different town in the Northeast. There is an American family with them and lots of Brazilians to practice our Portuguese with, so it should be a lot of fun having them around.

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