Monday, November 16, 2009


A friend of Pat & Harold Hood (the retired couple that has been down here teaching this semester) is in town for a few days. It has been really nice to have her and it has been really neat to see Pat & Harold be the tour guide of sorts. It is always nice to see how other people perceive Brazil. Also, it is nice to see what we have shown to the Hoods cross over to them being able to show/tell their friend.

So, we were going around to a lot of the churches today just to show the Hood's friend the ministry. We were in the town of Guadalajara about ready to leave. Everybody was in the car and I look over and see a 4 year old child that looked like he might have down syndrome or something similar. The kid took one look at the car and headed straight for the back passenger door. I could see something was up and I thought he was going to start betting on the door but instead he opened the door and started to climb in to join us. I quickly stuck my hand in front of him but he had already managed to get one foot in the door and was trying to sit down. Some of the neighborhood kids saw what was going on and quickly came to my rescue. It took 4 of the other kids to finally get his leg out of the car. Pat Hood was in the sit next to the one the kid was trying to sit down on and I think she was so shocked she didn't know what to do. Something tells me that if I had let the kid come with us nobody would have cared that much. At least it struck me as sad that the kids parents weren't anywhere in sight.

The day was really good. We visited the churches of Guadalajara, Pauldalo, Tracuenhaem, Carpina, and Lagoa de Itaenga. (I might have miss-spelled the names) I took some video footage in Guadalajara of the new classroom construction and some footage in Carpina of Ricardo talking about how many of the church leaders came from the youth group at that church. I will eventually put those up on the World Renewal Brazil Blog.

Please pray for Lindsay because she is still having joint pain off and on. We are pretty sure it is reactive arthritis and we have already been to a good Doctor about it. Basically it can go away at anytime but it can also turn chronic. There isn't a treatment for it but anti-inflammatory medicines  help with the pain.

Sunday, November 01, 2009

Halloween Birthday & Fun

On Jeff's b-day there was suppose to be a talent show for the English class in Lagoa de Itaenga (Ricardo's church). When we got to the church, Ricardo's daughter told Jeff "Jeff Jeff tem cake, tem cake." Which means we have cake, we have cake. When Jeff went down the stairs to the church the lights went out and back on again with everybody singing happy birthday. It was a great surprise!

Earlier that day Emily, Lindsay, & Jeff with the vocal assistance of Pat & Harold Hood made a fun video to show at the talent show. It was originally Emily & Lindsay's idea for the plot of this video. I hope you enjoy it.