Thursday, September 23, 2010

Cooking with Jeff

                When Lindsay is busy with school (studying for her online class or working on projects for her preschoolers) I often volunteer to make dinner. Lindsay tends to be more of a comfort food cook: chicken n’ noodles, mac n’ cheese, tacos (Mexican food is a comfort food for us, ok). I tend to be a little more experimental. So when we decided to have guests over in the middle of a busy week I started brainstorming.
                We recently bought a new Brazilian food cookbook. I really like it and went to it first for ideas. I have already learned to make Galinha Assada com Farinha de Rosca (a baked and breaded chicken dish). I saw a recipe for pumpkin stuffed with beef and thought I would try that, but Lindsay didn’t really take to the idea for guests we don’t have over so often. So I turned to the internet for inspiration, I usually talk to Minh (a friend who is in Iraq) over Skype in the afternoons. He suggested the Spanish Paella dish. While we were in Barcelona we saw the dish everywhere. You would think that we would have tried it when we were there, but no. We really only ate Tapas in Barcelona. Even though we saw this dish everywhere we just couldn’t stomach (excuse the pun) the 12-18 euro price tag.
             To make Paella you start by cooking sausage, onion and red pepper with some oil. Then you add chicken broth and uncooked rice and bring everything to a boil. Add some spice and let it simmer for 20 minutes. Then you cook shrimp with it for another 6 minutes. Add salt and pepper to taste and bon appetite! Basically you can put anything you want in, but normally it has at least two types of meat in it. I really like the idea of cooking the rice together with everything.
            All in all it was a wonderful evening. Cris and Ilzo (our friends from church) loved the dish. They scraped the pot clean! I am happy to have gotten to know some friends better and add one more dish to my cooking repertoire.

Thursday, September 09, 2010

New Life & Updates

New Baby
If you follow us or World Renewal Brazil on Facebook you probably already know that Pastor Ricardo & his wife Kattia had a baby. His name is Eric Ricardo. They had the baby early Monday morning, August 30th in Recife. Originally they planned to have him in a town nearby, but there were no doctors at the hospital early in the morning. When they arrived at the hospital in Recife the baby was born within an hour! There was no time to get settled in a room, so Eric was born in the ER.  Praise God everything went smooth and fine.

Mission Conference 2010
We are approaching mission conference time for the Community Churches in the US, which means it's time to hand in updates about our ministry. It is sometimes difficult to try to describe what our roles are here in Brazil. It would be too long-winded to send them our previous blog post about what we have been doing lately. So, I need to start thinking on how to summarize everything. They also want pictures of us in ministry, I was thinking of using the following pictures. Let me know what you guys think!

From Ministry as a whole
From Ministry as a whole
From Ministry as a whole
From Ministry as a whole
From Ministry as a whole

The Graphic Design Shop is closed to the public, at least until Roberto comes back to Brazil (he is studying at Word of Life Hungry). But recently I was asked to do a special project for one of the teachers at the Intl. School. It was fun to do an outside project again. I think it will be a busy time when he returns. The project I did for the teacher was a CD cover invitation for a party, she designed it and I "digitized" it. 

-post by Jeff