Thursday, August 24, 2006

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Working at the Café Impresso Print Shop is a wonderful experience and it really feels like God custom made this job for me. I work there with Roberto Conçalves. He is an outstanding Christian guy who is dating Tele’s oldest daughter, Karine. He speaks English fluently allowing me to be a lot more useful until I learn Portuguese better.

We are open at the Print Shop Monday – Friday 9am to noon, closed for lunch, and open again from 2pm to 6pm. Saturday we are open from 9am to noon.

So, what do I actually do for seven hours? Most of my day is usually spent working on projects for the World Renewal main office, the International School, or other ministry projects. Obviously I don’t work on ministry things all day, everyday.

Part of what the print shop is, is a business open to the public, a way to earn money for the ministry. I have been able to put together brochures, fix up old photos, and make Catalogs for small businesses. The photo to the right is the front cover of the latest catalog I made that contained 30 varieties of products. Below is another catalog that had mostly cleaning supplies in it.

One day we came to the print shop to find a lady was waiting for us to open. She said that she had just talked to Tele and wanted to see if we could change a picture of her two sons. The photo was taken in her backyard and she wanted the boys at the beach instead. Tele’s comment to her was, if Jeff and Roberto can’t do this for you, then you won’t find anybody else in town that can. Once Roberto explained to me what the women wanted I turned to him and said “You’re kidding right? This is so cool; I love this job!” I can’t believe that I get to do fun things in Photoshop while making money for the ministry and doing God’s work.

I love that we are here to get the word out about God moving in Brazil.

Lindsay & I have a wonderful support base in the US that allows us to live here, tithe to a local church, serve people, and even earn more money for the ministry! I get to bless others, by doing what I love!

Deus é forte!

Jeffrey Turner

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