Saturday, August 19, 2006

Another August Update

Jeff & I were walking around downtown Carpina today - shopping, getting out our monthly money at the bank, etc - when I looked up and everything suddenly felt completely normal. The streets, people, and shops looked as familiar as those in my hometown. I still feel like I am in a bit of a bubble sometimes, but everything isn't as exotic. That is how it feels here now; everything feels normal. This is not in a boring way, but in a "I know what to expect" kind of way. It is nice.
(Carpina downtown)
There have been changes here and there in our lives, but life remains steady. One thing that I would like to change very much is my health. I have been sick with a head cold/ cough/ throat problem for about 2 weeks now. It is quite frustrating. As soon as I think that I am well again my health takes a turn and get more sick. I am on antibiotics that seem to be helping, but I will probably pay a visit to the doctor on Monday. I have been able to teach and have only had to take off 1 day. Pray for me to have patience with my body - I get frustrated when I can't do all that I want to do.

Jeff is taking great care of me. He's discovered that the best medicine is chocolate. At the Grafica, he has been creating some very interesting projects for people recently. Roberto is giving him more and more challenging assignments. One week he had to create a catalogue for a man who sold school products. He is now working on a logo for a motorcycle delivery service. On Thursday he managed to get out of the Grafica and go to Amexius to see the property that was purchased for the church there. Pastor Assurio just returned from South Africa and he and his family will be taking over at the Ameixas church. They plan to serve there for at least 8 months.

(the view in Ameixas)

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Jonny Boy said...

Please remember to take all your medication and not stop when you start feeling better.