Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Passion of Christ Play

From Passion of Christ Play
On Sunday we went with Roberto, his sister, and Jessica to the Passion of Christ play. It was in a town called New Jerusalem that is 3 hours away in the interior of Northeast Brazil. The whole outdoor theatre is the largest in the world. There is 9 different stages. We got to the town around 1pm and had time to look around and eat. Then the doors opened at 4. They have a statue in the middle of the place of the guy who build the theatre. During the play when you are suppose to move to another location, the statue rotates and points to where you need to go.
It was a bit scary when we moved locations because I think there was around 10,000 people there. Besides the stage all you could see was people.
From Passion of Christ Play
Overall it was a very good experience, but it was a long day and made us tired.

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