Wednesday, March 25, 2009

This has been a crazy couple of weeks for Lindsay and I. First Lindsay got the stomach flu that was going around, which then turned into a bad cold. Luckily she only had to miss one day of school. There was some random saint holiday on Thursday so she was able to use that time to recover. Then our internet (which has never been super reliable) went to lower than dial up speeds slow. So, it got so bad that when we called people using skype they couldn't hear us at all. It was really annoying because we were trying to make sure Jessica got all of the right stuff from my Dad to bring back to Brazil. It ended up that they had to much stuff and went over weight and paid a fee of $150. Since they couldn't get a hold of us my Dad ended up paying for that fee (bless him).

I am very grateful to have my father helping from the USA with the Brazil Ministry. He is going to go full time in the ministry this next semester, which is going to be a huge blessing for me and for the overall ministry. This is going to take a lot of faith for him and my mom. It also means that they are going to have to raise support. So, please be praying for them and be asking God is this is something He wants you to help with.

Now I sit and wait for the internet people to come and hopefully make my internet the speed I am paying for.

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