Monday, March 02, 2009

Mini Vacation/ Carnaval

Lindsay and I got a week off of teaching school because of Carnaval. Carnaval is basically Marti Gras also know as Fat Tuesday. Brazil goes nuts for Carnaval, that is why we get a week off for a one day holiday. Generally all of the Christians just hide during the events. So Lindsay and I did the same. On Monday and Tuesday we went with Pastor Ricardo Silva and his family to join the Community Church of Amexias for a camp. Camps here basically mean that people will rent a house either near the beach or away from the city and swim at the pool, play volleyball, and have other activities.
From Amexias Church Camp 09

Amexias had their camp in Caruaru which is a town in the interior of Brazil. It is further inland than Amexias is. The camp was a lot of fun. When we arrived I played volleyball, then we had dinner. At night we had a worship service. A little later that evening we had funny skits. Ricardo had recruited Lindsay and I to help with that. I think he gave me the biggest speaking part there was. It was a little weird and I almost didn't do it because it was all in portuguese. But, I got over my fear and God is good. I was able to do the part just fine and it made it even more funny because of my bad accent.

This is Loraina Pastor Assuerio's daughter. Amexias Church Camp 09
Pastor Ricardo and I relaxing. Amexias Church Camp 09
These guys were crazy. They cooked that pigeon they caught.
Amexias Church Camp 09
Lindsay being all cute. Amexias Church Camp 09
Ricardo's daughter Rebeca being all cute. Amexias Church Camp 09

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Lindsay said...

Jeff! You can't follow a picture of me with a picture of Beca! She'll win the cute contest every time!