Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Brief Update

We arrived in Buenos Aires today. Headed to the Brazilian Consulate straight from the airport and spent about 3 hours there. Everything looks promising. They said that our visas will be processed and ready on Monday between 12-1.Just very surreal. God's been working on this for how long? And it's happening. It's hard to take in.

So we went out for Argentine steak, a lovely way to celebrate. Our host showed gratitude that I was no longer a vegetarian.

We are so blessed. Especially to have such a seriously wonderful family, the Dunlevy fam, (thanks Tim for the hook up!) to stay with here in Argentina. God is such a ninja. He's always pulling off the most amazing moves when we least expect him to. Everything going crazy up to the time we left. This week of downtime is really what we need while we wait for our visa to go through. And we thought it was a mistake that our visa was sent here. Ha!


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