Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Jeff & Lindsay are in Brazil now!
We left at 6:30am from Buenos Aires, Argentina. We didn't sleep the night before because we had to leave the house at 3:00 am. We just stayed up and played Settlers of Catan and Dutch blitz. The plane flight was good even though what we thought was a direct flight ended up having 2 other stops. We went to Rio first then to Salvador. Thankfully we didn't have to get off the airplane.

It has just about been 24 hours since we have arrived and so far we have been recruited to run the sound system for the Christmas play on Saturday. We are also helping setup the paintings that the kids did. Jeff has already fixed the internet and a few other problems like a printer issue. So now we are taking time to unpack and organize.

Time for pictures from Argentina.
Burial place of San Martin a liberator of Argentina and other parts of Latin America
This is the Argentina "White house". Jeff is standing with Nate Dunlevy who hosted us in their house.

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