Friday, December 12, 2008

Brief Update 2

We are still in sunny Argentina, just south of the capital in La Plata. No news from the consulate yet, but like they say no news is good news. If we hear from the consulate it is because there is a problem, so we don't really want to here anything. We'll head back in to BA on Monday and pick up the visa if all goes well!
We have just been relaxing with the Dunlevey fam. or in the empty duplex they rent behind their house. More of their team will join them in a few months, so they are renting this amazing two bedroom duplex. It is sort of serving as a guesthouse, so for now we have all to ourselves. I'll try to get a few pictures posted later... after nap time. :)

We went to the zoo yesterday with the family and had a good time until we visited the last animal of the day. Elle, their four year old, got a boo-boo from slipping on some metal bleachers. She had a pretty sizable gash above her eyebrow, so they spent the rest of the day getting stitches. She's fine now.
"I'll go back to the zoo again, but I'm not going to go back to that other place," she told us.
We hung out with their two year old, Scott and the puppy back at the house while they spend the day at the children's hospital.

We had some major accomplishments yesterday:
playing with dinosaurs
watching the movie Evita
eating icecream

I even had a few spare minutes to work on our budget for bedtime. God is so good, we're really having a great time.


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