Thursday, July 27, 2006

Wow! July went just way too fast!

The 2006 short-term mission trips started early July and the last of the other Americans will leave on Monday (Rachel & Anna Winzeler)
There were Americans trickling down just about each week of the month.
The first group held medical clinics. The last day they held one in the Carpina Dump. The level of poverty and the faces of the children touched the group deeply.
The second group was mostly a group of youth. What a group of 1 Timothy 4:12 young men and women. They really shined God's love and peace even through a language barrier.
Things get back to normal soon. Tuesday the second semester of school starts and I'll be teaching English alone for the first time. I am nervous, but excited. I know that I'll be relying on the Holy Spirit daily, especially that first week.

I also turned 22 last Tuesday. We celebrated by going out for Pizza! Yummy!

Please keep Jeff in your prayers - he has been sick since Monday. It started out as just a cold, but it moved into his chest.
He is on antibiotics. He will be back to posting regularly soon.


(me & Stephanie, a college student from Kansas
who came down for the month)

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