Friday, July 14, 2006

Lindsay and I haven't posted in a while because it has been so very busy this month.
Since the short-term missions groups have been here it has been a big blessing and also a very busy time. The medical trip team was a very close group and touched many peoples lives while serving at Lagoa De Itaenga and the Dump. Lindsay went to the Medical clinics a couple of days to take pictures and help out. I only got to go one day because we have been very busy at this Print Shop.
When that group went to Recife to Shop and eat at the all you can eat steak house Lindsay and I stayed back because there wasn't any room to go. Well we didn't really mind and it turned out to be a blessing because we were the first ones to see Rebeka, Pastor Ricardo's and Kattia's new Baby.
I think Rebeka looks a lot like Ricardo
It was sad to see most of the Medical Team leave but 3 of them did stay for English Camp. This new group that came in was a bit overwealming at first because it is a group of about 31 people mainly Youth. But, it has been a big blessing to have them here and you can tell they are very on fire for God. Most of the Youth I know from working with the High Schoolers at BRCC.
Well the Youth Conference Started today and Lindsay and I will be helping with the games and of course taking pictures and the like.
Post by Jeff
For some reason I still think I can play soccer without shoes and not get hurt

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