Friday, July 03, 2009

Groups etc.

From Missions Groups 09
I look really sleepy and Amish in this picture. Well, the groups have arrived and I am busy yet again. But, in this case I am very happy to be busy. The teachers have been getting ready for the end of the semester program and the Medical group has been packing medicine in individual bags for the medical clinics. The school program this year is all about the different regions of Brazil. I think there will be dances from all sorts of times and regions.
I have been very happy to realize that I can translate general things for the groups here and help them understand different aspects of the culture and food. I will be filming the program tomorrow and taking pictures, afterward some of us are off to Lagoa de Itaenga for the youth program there.
Please pray for the groups that are here and continue to pray for me as I am still missing Lindsay.

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