Monday, June 01, 2009

Lindsay going to the USA

*Lindsay is on a plane back to the USA
(Note from Lindsay before she left)

I am going to come back to the US this week Lord willing. My Aunt Pat, my dad's sister, is in the hospital with terminal pancreatic cancer. I was planning on coming back the first week in July to help take care of her, but the doctor is only giving her one more week. I'm just really shocked right now. Numb. I guess I was in denial about how bad things were. She had a big part in raising me. She lives up in northern Indiana on our family's farm alone. She helped care for my dad with my grandparents until they all three died. She doesn't have any children only nieces (3), nephews (2), and cats. So I need to be there.
She has a secure faith in God and so I try to play it down in my heart because I know know I will see her again regardless, but I don't want to wait 50 years to talk to her again in heaven. I need to be there with my family.
I'll try to talk to you again soon. Please pray for her and pray for everyone here. It's really hard to leave, you know, this is home. I feel like I am leaving things unfinished, my responsibilities, but I really feel have to go since I am able. I know I would regret not going for a long, long time. I am just going to change my plane ticket that was for July 8 to this week. Jeff will teach my classes for the remaining 4 weeks of class.

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daisygirl said...

We will be praying for you and your family. *HUG*
If there's anything we can do from Indy let us know!