Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Last time I talked about how I wanted to redesign the official World Renewal Website. Well today you can get your first glimpse of what it is going to look like. It still has a long ways to go but the basic design is done. I also found a really nice RSS flash based feeder for the homepage. The right side is currently blank, but I plan on making a few catchy images that link to things currently going on. Like if it is summer time, have a link to Short-term trips. I haven't fully figured it out yet but I think it will end up looking good.

After looking over the original site and because of the link progression that I setup for the new site. I have a lot of information to add still. If anybody reading this is good at writing I could use some help in this area. Mainly to condense some of the things I already have and to create a few small sections. For example, the history section is giant and needs to be condensed to a size that a normal person would be willing to read.

Without any more delay you can check out the design at

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