Friday, June 09, 2006

Location: Carpina, Brazil

Well we're finally here!
We left Wednesday at 2:30pm and arrived at 1:50pm on Thursday.
It was a pretty long exausting trip, but worth it. We went a different route this time, but it didn't end up being any shorter of a journey.

We kinda did a hop through the north of Brazil.
We stopped in Manaus then went through Belém, then on to Fortaleza where we had a 4 hour layover,

(Jeff napping at the airport)

and then finally switched planes to go to Recife. Then we drove 45minutes inland and we were in Carpina.

It was all a bit overwhelming. We both were doing just fine, until we got off the plane.
I (really just me - Lindsay) crashed just a little. I guess I hadden't really had time to adjust. I was fine and all of a sudden I realized what we were doing. I started to miss family and friends a bit.

(a group of our friends at a favorite pizza place in the US)

That lasted a couple of hours until I ate some sticky sweet bread - and I remembered that Brazil wasn't so bad! :)

Today was great. I met our afternoon class at the International School. They are a really bright bunch and ages 5 to 10. They come in the afternoon after school to learn English so that they can start school in the next semester.

(some of the kids in the class with Karine, Rachel, and Rachel's sister Ana who came down with us from the US)

Now, our God, we give you thanks, and praise your glorious name.
- I Chronicles 29:13

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Nanda Panda said...

Hi Lindsay!!!!:)

I´m so glad you are in Brasil now!!! I promise I´ll go visit you pretty soon! :)
We haven´t talked for ages, and I´m so sorry about it, but I´m sure we´ll keep in touch from now on! ;)

I don´t know if you use MSN... but if you do, my e-mail is and it´s the same adress I use for MSN.