Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Blog Smog

So this isn't a Sorry, I haven't posted in a while (there really is a blog about that).

Our last post was in August. There is no Part 4 to the series, I mean I have a google doc. titled "Humanized Birth" that is a bunch of ramblings, but I haven't posted it and I'm not sure I will. 

Yeah, our blog has slowly collapsed like a flan in a cupboard (to plagiarizing a certain comedian). We will probably still post here from time to time, but neither one of us feels up to continue right now.

So I just just want to let you know (whoever you are), don't expect to find much here these days. 

I have felt like I owe it to people (my friends and family and supporters and churches and just EVERYONE ON EARTH) to keep this up because we are missionaries.

 Ridiculous.  It comes down to the truth that I am saved by faith, not by works. I really feel like keeping our blog up became this proof that we are these people that we're not.  To be really honest, it feels like an obligation to prove that we are worthy of all of the money that people give us. 

Truth is:
We are missionaries because God wants us to do this. It isn't our perfect blog that gets us supporters, it's Him. We are so blessed with supporters that are REALLY REALLY our friends. THANK YOU, GUYS! 

So I am done with guilt. I know that those who love us and support us will contact us to keep us accountable. We have people here in Brazil for that, too. I know that any "well done good and faithful servant" received from the Lord at the end of our lives won't be because of an immaculate well-written blog post, but rather because we love Him and we want to glorify Him with all that He has called us to do. And right now, we don't feel like he has called us to blog.  

So, while we we might post here from time to time as the Lord leads, but for now this is just sort of become extra work that isn't fruitful right now in our lives. 


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