Friday, July 24, 2015

Lindsay and Mercia go...fundme + BONUS Birthing in Brazil Because it's my Birthday!

(Lindsay here)

First of all,
did you see that serious alliteration in the title?

Yeah, that's reason enough to talk about birth on your birthday.

Anyway, You might have noticed that I have been spamming social media with my pleas for help with a special gofundme project! I am super excited (really, very, very excited!) to be taking an amazing class with a dear friend, Mercia (Pastor Flavio's wife), but we can't do it without your help! This short video has some info!

About the course: CEFAPP EDUCADORAS PERINATAL (in Portuguese)
About the gofundme thing: Lindsay and Mercia go to class!

BONUS (Birthing in Brazil Because it's my Birthday!)

During the next few weeks, I will be doing a series here with my take on Birthing in (Northeast) Brazil. I have been sitting on some stuff I have written for... um, years. It finally seems like a good time to talk about things that are deep down and precious to my heart.

 It's fascinating stuff, if you're into that sort of thing. If not, feel free to ignore the next 4-5 posts. Seriously. We aren't going to turn this blog into some crazy (awesome) birth blog. If I need to do that I'll start a new blog. Ha!

So, I know that this is more posts than we do most YEARS, but since this topic is so dear to my heart, Jeff and I feel like this is a better platform for discussion than Facebook, Twitter, etc.


Check out that awesome graphic our friend, Diana Deli made me for this (with like one day's notice!!). She is a new missionary through World Renewal Brazil! She teaches English and art at the school, saves our lives making amazing DIY decorations for school/church events, and is an amazing person with whom to get coffee! She is back home in Hungary right now raising funds to come back! Support her, too! 

by Lindsay Turner (not Jeff, like it says below)

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