Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Why I am not going to the P.O.D. concert this Saturday (being a missionary at age 30)

P.O.D. was my favorite band in high school. I first heard them went to the Icthus music festival in Kentucky.  They stood out to me right away, with their reggae-rock blend and their attitude about what it meant to be Christians in a band.  They didn't want a Christian record label, but wanted to be able to tour with hardcore secular rock groups like Korn and Ozzy Ozbourne. In doing this they have been able to be an amazing influence on their fans and tour companions (Doctor Who nerd here) even to the point of helping win over members of Korn to Christ. This interview shows why I like Sonny the lead singer so much.(  
Songs like "Without Jah, Nothin" (featuring H.R.) and "Strength of My Life" (featuring Matisyahu)” have really spoke to me in my prayer times. While songs like “Boom” and “Lights Out” just get you pumped up and are so much fun!
                Now, it has been about 15 years since I started listening to them and I will still buy any new albums that come out, but what does it look like when you are a missionary in a foreign country and your favorite band comes to town?  It is the end of the month and we just reconciled our budget.  Although we could, pull a little extra recreational money from here and there, there is technically no more money left in our "entertainment" envelope.
               But I had made plans to go with friends from the Pauldalho church. Suddenly, they can't go. Why? Because it is the anniversary program for the church this Saturday. They chose to be responsible and support their church over going to the concert for fun, which is very awesome to see. Now, where does that leave me?
Being 30, a dad, and a missionary (or as they call it everywhere, maturing) changes your outlook on life. If I was still in high school I would jump for the chance to go to the concert, now I get an uneasy feeling about if it is the right thing to do.  Once issues (money and no friends going) happened the feeling got stronger. Is it right for a missionary to go to a concert for pure entertainment? Absolutely! But perhaps just not this time. 

Why even write about this? It is not a big deal, it is not a life changing decision. I wanted to somehow still show my support for P.O.D. as a band.
Keep on representing Jah and showing the world love.
Warrior Jeff

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