Friday, May 03, 2013

Furlough/Home Assignment/Whatcha-call-it?

     We've been serving on and off in Brazil for nearly 7 years now. It's incredible how that feels like forever and hardly at all at the same time. It's been confusing to keep up with, even for us, so here's a rundown of where we've been during our nearly 9 1/2 year marriage.

December 2003 - Jeff and Lindsay get married and settle into married life in Indiana
June 2006 - We go to Brazil for the first time on tourist visas
November 2006 - We return to the US after a 6 month stay and begin the process of applying for a work visas
2007 - We spend all of 2007 in the US waiting for work visas to return to Brazil
February 2008  - We decide to return to Brazil on tourist visas again (meaning we can only stay for another 6 months)
July 2008 - We return to the US after our 6 months are up again
September 2008 - Our work visas are finally approved!
December 2008 - We pick up our visas in Argentina and head to Brazil
June 2008 - Lindsay takes an trip back to the US due to a family emergency  
Early August 2008 - Jeff joins Lindsay in the US for a few weeks to attend his sister's wedding
Late August 2008  - Back to Brazil
May 2011 - Melody Anabel is born in Recife, Pernambuco, Brazil
November 2011 - Lindsay and Melody visit family in the US
November 2012 - We receive permanent residency in Brazil, due to Melody being born in Brazil

               It'll be 5 years since Jeff has been to the US and we are now prayerfully considering taking furlough/home assignment (whatever you want to call it) after our second child is born here in Brazil. We plan, Lord willing, to go to the US in either November or December 2013 and stay until May or June 2014.  

               We are hoping this time will be a great time to reconnect with you, our friends and family, and receive some much needed spiritual renewal! If you want to visit us or have us speak at your church/Bible study/whatever please email Jeff at - keep in mind we'll have a 1 month old with us so Lindsay's availability early on will be limited! 

Melody and Rebecca Soares being adorable on Easter

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