Friday, April 27, 2012

Almost there?

We have been in a weird waiting status. I feel like this is 2007 all over again for us, where we were just waiting for our visa to come through and thought we would leave for Brazil at any moment. Now we have been waiting to move into our house and are ready to move at any moment.

So there is still no electricity. It has been since early February that we first asked the electricity company to hook up our power but because it is a new road they had to get a project to put in two new posts in. Which meant doing the assessment then sending it to their main office to get approved, then sending the material, then assigning a work crew and date.

Well the good news is we have a potential date that they will come, the bad news is it is anywhere between May 8th and May 18th and it will take 3 days once they come. First we wanted to be in the house before Easter, now we wanted to be in the house before Melody's one year birthday which is May 18th. I am thinking this will not happen.

God's timing is perfect. From our 2007 experience we learned why God wanted us to stay in the US, mainly being there for friends in distress. So, it seems that there is a reason why we are not in our house yet. I know the longer we wait the closer it will be to when Ricardo and Family might be able to move into their house next door. It is coming along nicely and the workers have even started on Pastor Assuerio's house next door to Ricardos'.

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