Saturday, July 09, 2011

We're enjoying life with our almost 2 month old

So we're enjoying life with our almost 2 month old. Here's some adorable pictures...

4th of  July

Melody was born on this guy (Caleb)'s birthday!

That's not all though...
There are  lots of Americans coming and going. Next week promises to be a busy one - starting tomorrow! The churches in the town where our church is (Lagoa de Itaenga) are doing a prayer walk around the city tomorrow all morning and afternoon. Three churches are getting together with ours to walk around the town and cover it in prayer! Super exciting! Please join with us in praying for our community.
Then Monday and Tuesday we will have a mini VBS with a group of Americans and next week we will be lanching our new Sunday School program for kids (starting before the service instead of during).

Please keep us in prayer. This is my (Lindsay's) first time really getting back to helping with the ministry since the baby was born!

Also if any of you ladies want to hear the birth story (it's a little long, rambling, and a bit "graphic") then click here

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