Tuesday, June 15, 2010

This is for you, Mom.

      I usually call my mother on Sundays, but recently we have been out of touch.  I finally spoke to her this week, but I couldn’t find much to talk about. A lot has happened since our last conversation and she was probably expecting to hear details. All that she got from me was an impassive and jumbled summary.
     You see, I don’t feel like I can properly share the emotions or energy of a week of my life. I don’t think anyone really can over the phone (or internet).  You have to live life with people. I think that’s the hardest part about living far away –I miss out on the lives of people I love.  On the flip side, now that I know and love people here I would miss living life with them!

     Emily said that is why she likes Facebook. Specifically, that’s why she likes status updates.

     “But not the stupid updates,” she said, “the ones that tell me about people’s lives.”

      I agree with her and it makes me want to try harder to share life with those I love. Here or there.

      Pray with me that I can be more active in sharing the moments that bring me joy with those in the US. Pray that I share more and more of myself despite a cultural barrier.

       So speaking of impassive and jumbled summaries, I need to give one. Ironic? We have begun to receive the other Americans. Seth and Kari are our most recent additions, but before them came Roland.  He came all the way from Brandywine Community Church in Greenfield to join us for a couple of months. Last Sunday he preached at our church in Lagoa de Itaenga. He gave his testimony and two people decided to follow Christ! We have struggled a lot to reach people in this community so Sunday was a great encouragement and we are thankful for two new believers.

School’s out soon. The World Cup is on. Jeff and I also have a very exciting trip that we want to share about. So stay tuned.

No, it’s not back to the States. Nor to an obstetrician, Mom. 
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