Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Life with a Car

Having a car now is such a huge blessing. I have never felt this much freedom/independence in Brazil before. It is finally starting to feel like we are here for a long time and that we are home. It is so nice to be able to take Pat and Harold hood (the teachers from Kansas) downtown and other places when they need a trip away. It still feels very weird driving in the car and knowing that I am not just borrowing the car but it actually is ours. This last weekend I went to Ricardo’s church on Saturday night for the youth program, then we went there on Sunday afternoon for the English classes. We also went again that evening for the church service. I am starting to feel like we are Pastor Ricardo’s groupies or something. But, we really love the ministry that he does and we are so happy to be able to help out that church plant.

A big part of having this car will be being able to go to the other churches and gather information about the ministries. My first stop will be Guadalajara early next month. I am going to try to bring back the Church spotlight section for the WRBrazil.blogspot.com site.

Lindsay has been super busy this semester. She is teaching full time at the school plus she has a teachers class where she teaches English to the international school teachers. Emily is splitting the load of that class with the more advances people with Emily and then Lindsay has the beginners. Lindsay & Emily are also teaching English on Sunday afternoons at Ricardo’s church. Then, Lindsay is taking 2 online classes from IUPUI. So, some days I feel like she never stops doing things. My schedule is a lot lighter but it seems like I do things at weird hours sometimes, like start a project at night when I hadn’t done very much that day. Generally I have class in the mornings on Monday, Tuesday, and Fridays. Then on Wednesdays and Thursdays I am at home working on the blog sites or websites or video project, or really whatever is going on at the time. There are a lot of peaks of tons of work then all of a sudden there will be nothing else to do.

Overall Lindsay and I are doing fine. Right now I have the car filled with ethanol in the tank because it is a flex car which means it can take gas or ethanol. The car has a computer in the dash that keeps track of KM/L and such but I am still trying to figure out how it works. I think the car gets about 8 km per liter. Which I have no idea if that is good or bad.

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