Friday, September 05, 2008

The Long Wait

The depression set in once we arrived back in the USA. It seemed that every other day one of us was feeling it. That is part of the reason I have no posted a single thing since Lindsay and I have been back. I wanted to wait until we actually had some news for you. So, here comes the news:
We were able to get the reference documents legalized by the Brazil consulate and off it went to Brazil. Then we got a bill for all of the translations that they had to do for all of our documents. Shortly after that we heard that all the documents were in the right hands. I just got off the phone with Emily Taylor who is in Brazil and the rumor is, that we will hear on the 16th of this month if we get the Work Permit. Then all we would need is to take that document to the consulate in Chicago and get the Visa.

What we are doing now:

Lindsay is at IUPUI going for an English major. This was always part of our backup plan if we came back to the US this time around. Lindsay is also working at Maria's Pizza part time.

Jeff has been doing odd jobs and helping his parents. He has been applying for I.T. jobs like mad, mainly places in Indianapolis. He has applied for 3 positions at IUPUI and 1 at UofI. So far no one has gotten back to him.

Please pray for the outcome on the 16th and that God will provide a job for Jeff if that is His will.

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